Especially in domestic and overseas manufacturers and sellers of natural and organic products, all interested parties, companies, farms, import and export, distributors, related institutions, associations and unions v.b industry professionals,

Food manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers, grocery stores, natural and organic products, vendors, restaurant, cafe and hotel officials, operators of agricultural and livestock industry professionals, such as food,

Pharmacists, therapists, health and beauty centers, sports centers, engineers, health care products, buyers, sellers, such as health professionals,

Massage, wellness centers, beauty experts, professionals, such as sports halls and personal care professionals,

Especially at home and abroad, working in health tourism, agencies and organizations, hotels, spas, tourism professionals, such as thermal and spa centers

All interested engineers, investors, consumers, conglomerates, in shopping centers, business centers operators, large corporations, public Administration and Municipal Managers, the private and public institutions meet with corporate clients such as, establish business contacts,

Seminars and panels can track consisting of a combination of natural and organic products in the industry for power contributing to the development of consciousness, of our country in the world’s attention You can contribute to become a center will attract.