During the COVID-19 epidemic, both the strengthening of immunity and the concerns about nutrition increased the demand for food supplement products. This size of the sector also brings about product and brand diversity.

In today’s world, with the changing living and working conditions, eating habits are also changing. People; She uses supplements for many purposes such as supplementing her normal diet, feeling more fit, strengthening her immune system by taking vitamins and minerals she thinks she cannot get enough of, and meeting her body’s needs when she cannot eat.

In parallel with these developments, the supplements sector in all country is developing day by day.

Exponatura exhibition brings together the existing companies, new start-ups in the organic and healthy products sector and those that bring novelties to the sector with their buyers and showcases the products to all interested stake holders at the national and international level such as organic product stores, sector’s professionals, specialized e-commerce websites, raw material buyers, pharmacies, herbalists, doctors, retailers etc.