As healthy living, healthy food and dieting habits turn into mainstream trends across the world, demand for organic food items has been on the rise. Organic food market is expected to grow by 14,5* by 2025. The main reason for this is that as a result of increased consumer awareness, consumers tend to place greater emphasis on protecting both their health and the environment.

İncreased consumer awareness, increased demand for healthy products and immune-boosting healthy products, keep fueling the demand for and consumption of organic products constantly at the global level.

Also, people who prefer such products support an unofficial global public awareness campaign for sustainable consumption and production.

Exponatura exhibition brings together the existing companies, new start-ups in the organic and healthy products sector and those that bring novelties to the sector with their buyers and showcases the products to all interested stake holders at the national and international level such as organic product stores, sector’s professionals, specialized e-commerce websites, raw material buyers, pharmacies, herbalists, doctors, retailers etc.

Join the exhibition as an exhibitor or visitor to discover the latest products and novelties in the natural and organic products industry as well as the new companies and existing trends in the sector.