At out 11th EXPONATURA Exhibition, with our event theme of “Nature is My Medicine”, we’re drawing attention to adopting a life style that emphasizes physical and mental wellbeing based on balanced and organic diet as well as to the growing business potential in this area. To this end, at the exhibition we’ll be focusing on numerous topics related to the healing and rejuvenating effects of natural, organic and healthy products.

With our event theme of “Let your food be your cure and your cure be your diet” inspired by Hippocrates, we’ll be bringing together the big players of the sector that offer products for healthy and organic diets and life styles, as well as products, services, experts, organizations and institutions and offering a platform for new business collaborations and business ideas.

We’ll be Discussing Natural Medicine under the theme of “Nature is my Medicine”.

As a major platform for supporting adoption of natural, sustainable and healthy life styles and use of natural and organic products, EXPONATURA places great emphasis on information sharing and creating awareness.

Chat sessions, conferences and panels on healthy diets, natural cures and medicines, and healthy lifestyles and exercise, will be accompanying the exhibition. These activities will be hosting professionals of the sector, medical doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, health and beauty industry professionals and other relevant professionals.