Exponatura Sport: This special sectoin features natural and organic food items, functional diet products and dietary supplemtns for everyone doing sports in an amateur or professional way. These products that provide healthy and correct diets for everyone doing sports will be showcased in a special area to be created inside the exgibition venue with the title of Exponatura Sport.

Also, activites will be organized under this title and conference program will feature a special session dedicated to diet, sports and health.

Product Categories:  Dietary supplements for sportsmen, functional products and dietary supplements, health and fitness products, pharmacy products and weight loss products

Target Visitors: Sports centers, dieticians, pharmacists, healthy living professionals, anyone doing sports in an amateur or professional way

Exponatura International Pavillon:This special section comprises special areas allocated for international companies that join the exhibition collectively with buyer delegations. This section where national booths will be showcasing natural, organic and healthy products will bring together a wide variety of products and allow participants make new import-export connections.

Product Categories:  Natural and organic products, traditional beverages and food items, alternative treatments, natural dietary supllements, healthy natural treatments

Target visitors:  Importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, natural product storeowners, agricultural establishment directors, health experts, cosmetics experts

Exponatura Shop:Exponatura, which offers a B2B business platform focusing on professional visitors from the sector to help its exhibitors and visitors make new business connections, will create a special sales area not bigger than 20% of the exhibition venue in line with TOBB’s decision. In this section, which will be formed in a certain area of the exhibition venue, companies will be able to sell their products directly to their potential buyers.

Product Categories: Natural and organic food items and products, natural and organic cosmetics, herbal medicines

Target visitors: Organic food consumers, natural product producers, healthy product store wonders, cosmetic experts, wholesalers, retailers.