We’ll be made more than glad to host press members at Exponatura Exhibition.

You can enter the exhibition after registering at the press desk located at the main entrance of Exponatura Exhibition. After presenting your press card to the press desk personnel, you will be given a visitor batch and press kit.

Participant Company List
After registering as a press member, you will be given a participant handbook for exponatura’15 free of charge. This handbook features an alphabetical list of all participant companies that attend Exponatura’15 as well as company information based on product categories and hall plans and stand numbers.

Press Information Desk
This information desk that will answer all questions of press members and guide them as necessary, will be located at the gate where press members will enter the exhibition hall.

Press Room
As press members, you can make use of numerous corporate and technological services in the pressroom in the exhibition hall. Here, you can also find the press releases for Exponatura and the participant companies.

You can access press releases and exhibition logos for Exponatura Exhibition from the Download page.

You can find the press releases of the participant companies of Exponatura on the Download page before the event and in the Press Room during the event.

You can download the visuals for the exhibition from the Download page.

Please feel free to direct all your questions and requests to us.