EXPONATURA brings the rapidly growing sector together for the 12th time in Istanbul

Natural and organic products which encompass healthy food items and supplements, personal care and beauty products, eco-life products and many more products which promote a healthy and environment friendly life style have already reached a huge business volume.

Now in its 12th year, EXPONATURA, the only exhibition of the natural, organic and healthy products industry in Turkey, offers opportunities for trade collaborations that will lead from Istanbul the ever-growing business volume of the sector in the world.

The exhibition which was the stage for numerous business collaborations at the international level last year will be offering a much bigger potential as it will bring together numerous buyers and sellers between 6-9 October 2022 this year.

EXPONATURA is the only industry-specific exhibition of Turkey in the natural products, healthy food products and organic products sector in Turkey which is organized in Istanbul. Welcoming exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, the exhibition is a trade platform where professional buyers meet with leading suppliers in the world.

Healthy eating – healthy products had never been so important. We’re going through a silent revolution, so to say, in terms of eating habits of mankind. The rising trend of consumer awareness in recent years helps fuel the demand for natural and organic products while at the same time promoting growth of the sector at record speed across the globe.

Natural cosmetics is a life style. Natural cosmetics have long been an indispensable part of sustainable life style. There’s been an unprecedented demand in the market and the market has been growing dynamically.

Join the exhibition as an exhibitor or a visitor to discover ethically produced sustainable products, meet with leading buyers in the sector, and to discover new markets and to embrace the inspiring world of natural living.

The Theme of Exhibition: “New Generation Nutrition” & “Edible Cosmetics”

In our 12th EXPONATURA Exhibition, we determined our theme based on the fact that we should show our skin the same care we give to our nutrition for a healthy life.

With “New Generation Nutrition”, we focus on supporting sustainable life with a zero waste approach, while giving importance to natural, healthy nutrition, weight control, our body, soul and mind.

We bring the natural cosmetics trend to the fore with the theme of ‘Edible Cosmetics’, which emerged with the philosophy of not putting anything you cannot eat on your skin.

Considering the rising trends, increasing awareness and growing sectoral business volume, we organize events within the scope of the fair.

The Rise of Veganism (Plant Based Nutrition) can’t be disregarded

As increasing number of consumers lean towards a vegan life style, public awareness for dieting had never been so much at the forefront.

We’re going through a silent revolution, so to say, in terms of eating habits of mankind. The size of the vegan economy which gives signals of turning into a huge trend has exceeded USD 30 billion already.

Well then what’s the implications of this increased public interest in vegan products on the sector? As the number of consumers adopting a vegan or vegetarian life style increases every day the number of new players in the plant-based products market sector increases rapidly as well.

In the EXPONATURA 22 Vegan special section, and at the conferences and events plant-based products will be more at the forefront.

Those at the forefront

Only packaged products certified by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture etc. can be displayed at Exponatura exhibition.

International buyers left their mark on EXPONATURA’21

As Tureks International Fair Organization, we are happy to have successfully concluded our first fair organization by taking the Covid 19 measures after an 18-month hiatus.

Exponatura, where many products from natural food, personal care products to supplementary foods were exhibited, hosted 16 thousand visitors from 42 countries and witnessed important commercial collaborations.

Many sectoral buyers from home and abroad visited our fair. Companies participating in the fair; They established important connections with many related parties such as wholesalers, importers, exporters, chain markets and natural product stores, herbalists, pharmacies, and corporate buyers.
There were visitors from all over the world, as well as from the Middle East, Europe and nearby countries.

With the opening of the fair, buyers from the Middle East, Europe and nearby countries as well as America and Canada visited the fair. While almost all of the participating companies made important connections, there were some who stated that they achieved their goals from the very first day.
We have observed how global trade has grown in the sector and how our country has come to an important position.

The increase in the number of foreign buyer visitors to our fair this year showed that the global trade in the sector is growing very fast and that Turkey is an important point in this sector as a producer country.

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