Natural, Organic and Healthy Products Exhibition Exponatura 2016, brought together 14.257 visitors and healthy diet and natural care product brands in Hall 9 of Istanbul Expo Center between 03-06 November 2016.

As a result of increased consumer awareness and increased public interest in healthy and natural food products, the natural, organic and healthy products industry has become one of the rising markets in Turkey as it is the case in the whole world. As the sector grows, Exponatura’16, the only specialized international exhibition of the sector in our country, brought together sectors’ professionals and numerous producer companies representing a wide range of areas in the sector including cosmetics, cleaning products and dietary supplements. For 4 days, the exhibition was a stage for new business connections between exhibitors and professional buyers and received a great deal of interest from the public.

Having hosted numerous honey producer companies as a reflection of this year’s exhibition concept of “Honey Year”, Exponatura emphasized the Honey Concept with the competition and conference organized and created greater repercussions as a result. In addition, the “Honey Turkey” section whereby honey varieties produced in different parts of Turkey were showcased and the “Beehive” section whereby exhibitors showcased bee products such as honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom, attracted a great deal of attention.

Organized for the first time this year as part of Exponatura Exhibition, the “Green Star Awards – Natural Life Awards” brought to the forefront, the most successful players of the sector. The applications received in 12 different categories, have been reviewed by a jury comprising sector’s experts and the winners were presented their awards at the Award Ceremony held as part of the Exhibition. It was a great joy to have experienced this excitement with all of you.

Also, with the conference program organized as part of Exponatura Exhibition as it is the case every year, a scientific platform was created whereby current knowledge in this area was shared with all exhibitors and visitors.

Exponatura, which was brought to you with a very comprehensive content this year as a result of all this hard work, will be with you once again in 2017 with a powerful and very efficient organization.

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Looking forward to seeing you at Exponatura’19  …

Thank you ,
Zafer Aslan  / General Coordinator
Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık


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Participant Companies : 168
Türkiye : 162
Foreign : 6
Total Number of Visitors : 14.257
Turkey : 12.402
International Visitors : 1.855
Number of Visitor Countries : 19
Visiting Countries : Germany, the Netherlands, China, Malaysia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Monaco, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, USA, Cyprus, Greece, Iraq, Macedonia, Tunisia


We would like to share with you the results of the satisfaction surveys we carried out to analyze the performance of Exponatura 2016 Exhibition.  Based on the survey results, we are sincerely honored by your positive comments about the performance of our exhibition and we would like to thank you for your support.

Overall satisfaction
Satisfied 99%
Not Satisfied 1%

Willingness to participate  next year
Yes 162
No 1
Undecided 5

Did the event meet your expectations?
Yes 94%
No 2%
Undecided 4%

How did you benefit from the exhibition?
I made sales connections 96%
I made international connections 45%
I contacted potential dealers or distributors 65%
Other% 51%


We’ve already started working hard on expanding the coverage of the next year’s event-Exponatura 2017 – for the Natural, Organic and Healthy Products industry.

Our goal is to fulfill the expectations of our participant companies as demonstrated by participant satisfaction survey.

We are sure that, by doing this, we will be increasing the number of visitors, foreign visitors, distributors, sellers and wholesale professionals and improving participant company quality for the next event.

Exhibition spaces for Exponatura 2017 are now available with early application advantages!

See you at Exponatura Exhibition 2017 …