Panels and Conferences: “In Search of Natural Life in Cities”

konf-logo-k-enChanging living conditions and urban crowding increase people’s need and desire for natural life more and more everyday. And increased demand for healthy and natural products as a reflection of the increased awareness in this area, causes the Natural, Organic and Healthy Products sector to grow fast.

At the conference titled “In Search of Natural Life in Cities”, to be held along side Exponatura exhibition at the venue, experts in the field will come together as part of the Conference Program to provide correct information to the audience about natural life in cities and to provide an overall evaluation of the Natural, Organic and Healthy Products industry.

The conference will also feature a special section dedicated to “HONEY YEAR” that will provide information about honey and honey products. All exhibitors, visitors and press members are invited to the conference. Please click here for details of the conference.


The “Green Star Awards” which will be organized for the first time as part of Exponatura exhibition will bring to the forefront, the stars of natural, organic and healthy products sector.

The goal of the competition is to make Turkish organic and natural products industry one of the top player of the sector in the world and to create awareness for this purpose, as well as to crown successful projects, encourage new and creative products and to empower the sector to help it make greater contributions to national economy. Award ceremony will be held at the exhibition venue.

The competition will feature special categories for the “HONEY YEAR”. Click here for competition details.


A special area at the foyer area will showcase new products by exhibitors. This special section will be formed with the goal of supporting increased product diversity in the market by bringing new products to the forefront and to allow the exhibitors, visitors and press members to follow the latest trends and innovations in the sector. In this section which will be open thought-out the exhibition, products will be showcased along with exhibitor information and booth numbers.

Themed Area: “HONEY TURKEY”

Turkey’s Honey map will be created in the special area of the foyer and will feature different honey products from different regions in Turkey along with information about their properties and benefits. The goal with this concept is to promote Turkey’s honey diversity at the national and international level. This section will be open to all exhibitors, visitors and press members throughout the exhibition.


Themed Area: “BEE HIVE”

Another special section to be formed in the foyer area will feature bee products. In this section called “BEE HIVE”, different bee products of exhibitors such as honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and honey position will be showcased along with exhibitor and booth information. The goal with this section is to attract attention to other bee products in addition to honey and to create awareness and to bring to the forefront the products of the exhibitor companies. This section, which will feature food, cosmetic and dietary supplements made from bee products will be open to all exhibitors, visitors and press members throughout the exhibition.