Changing living conditions and urban crowding increase people’s need and desire for natural life more and more everyday. And increased demand for healthy and natural products as a reflection of the increased awareness in this area, causes the Natural, Organic and Healthy Products sector to grow fast.

As the sector grows, it is important that products offered to consumers are produced at world standards and by trusted companies.

Along with this, setting the direction of the industry in Turkey, which has a huge growth potential, to establish the road map for this growth and to help Turkey enter leading global markets in this area, are other major considerations.

As a reflection of this, the Conference held as part of the exhibition will bring together experts in this field who will provide correct information about natural live in cities and provide an integrated evaluation of the Natural, Organic and Healthy Products industry.

This year, as part of  Exponatura Exhibition 2016 Theme “Honey Year’, a special session will be held as well. Honey and bee products which are an important part of natural life which cover a wide range of products including food items and beauty solutions, will be discussed as well by the experts at the conference.

We’ll be more than glad to invite you to this important meeting to be organized as part of Exponatura Exhibition to share your ideas with us.


Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık
Organizasyon Komitesi


Sector’s Professionals Healthy Product Stores
Producers Natural Product Stores
Honey Producers Distributors
Related Government Offices Importers and Exporters
Societies/Associations Raw material Producers and Buyers
Pharmacies Food Producers and Retailers
Big Supermarket Chains Natural Product Manufacturers and Importers
Herbalists Farm Product Stores
Academicians Food Wholesalers
Organic Product Buyers Sports Centers
Beauty Centers Sportsmen
Wellness Centers TV, Radio and Press
Cosmetics Stores And all related parties and consumers



To ensure that the rapidly growing Natural, Organic and Healthy Products industry offers to consumers, products produced or grown at world standards and by trusted companies using reliable sources and to increase awareness regarding this issue.


To ensure that the Turkish Natural, Organic and Healthy Products sector enters among the global leaders of the industry with its huge potential and to ensure it makes greater contribution to national economy by accelerating commercial growth in the sector.