Honey, which is recognized as one of the basic sources of nutrition for mankind, and has offered many health benefits for man for centuries, was also valued a lot and perceived as sacred by different religions. With its amazing flavor from nature and nutritious value, honey is being used in many areas ranging from healthcare to beauty.

With its enormous vegetation and climate diversity Turkey offers a great potential for organic and natural products and offers the same potential in terms of bee products as well. 3 out of 4 nectary plants that yield honey in the world are found in Turkey. After China, Turkey ranks second and ranks number one among European Union Countries in terms of honey production. In Turkey where annual honey production is over 100 thousand tones, honey which is derived as a result of apiculture activities which are supported heavily by the state in Turkey, contributes over 600 million TL to national economy with products like honey, beeswax, pollen and royal jelly.

Considering the high potential that Turkey offers in this area, it is inevitable for Turkey to become a world leader in apiculture. And improving quality, efficiency and awareness are of utmost important to reach that goal.

Recognized as the biggest specialized exhibition of the industry, Exponatura set its exhibition theme this year as “HONEY YEAR” and aims to increase awareness about the constantly growing sector and to contribute to national economy as a result of new business connections to be made via local and foreign exhibitors and professional visitors.

We’ll be more than glad to see you join Exponatura as an exhibitor or a visitor to make new business connections and to benefit from the rich content of the exhibition.