With a view to providing a fruitful business platform for exhibitors and distributors/buyers and to maximize business opportunities offered by Exponatura Exhibition, we manage with due diligence, the online system applications and appointment system of the  “Distributor- Buyer Wanted Program”. For this purpose, local and international buyer delegations will be invited and announcements of the participant companies will be made prior to the exhibition.


For Distributors and Buyers; At Exponatura, the biggest specialized exhibition of Turkey where the players of the organic and healthy products sector come together, we’ll bring you numerous companies with whom you may make new business contacts.

To tap new business opportunities you may use the online system and login to see a list of exhibitors and make appointments with as many companies as you like and discuss new business opportunities with them. All meetings are to be held during the course of the exhibition.


For Exhibitors; we save you from the burden of having to spend time and money by visiting potential customers in Turkey and abroad, and bring you distributors and buyers from Turkey and abroad. And we help your brand reach local and international markets and help you increase your market share.

To reach the right distributors and buyers, you can login to the online system, enter required information, mark the dates available to you and save any incoming meeting requests in your agenda. All meetings are to be held during the course of the exhibition.

Food Product manufacturers and Retailers Sports Centers
Natural Product Manufacturers and Importers Professional Sports Clubs
Pharmacies Beauty Centers
Therapists Raw material Producers and Buyers
Super Markets Distributors
Natural Product Retailers Import and Export companies
Farm Product Retailers Weight loss Centers
Organic Product Buyers Spas and Hotels
Healthcare product retailers Restaurants and Cafeterias
Cosmetic Retailers Food Wholesalers
Wellness Centers Related Institutions, Societies and Associations


Marketing Campaign for the “Distributor- Buyer Wanted Program”:

An effective marketing campaign will be carried out to maximize the business contact potential of the exhibition at the local and international level.

  • Local and foreign buyer delegations will be invited to the exhibition.
  • Special e-mail announcements to be sent to sectorial database comprising food producers and retailers, exhibitors, organic and natural product buyers, importers and exporters, distributors, pharmacies, herbalists, supermarkets, restaurants, health and beauty centers, and cosmetics retailers. Recipients will be able to make online applications using the e-mail message sent to them.
  • E-bulletins containing information about the Buyer Program will be sent to a total of 123.230 sectorial contacts for Exponatura (65.930 in Turkey and 57.300 abroad).  Recipients will be able to make online applications using the e-mail message sent to them.
  • Press releases with information about the program and related news will be sent to potential recipients in Turkey and abroad via our PR agency.
  • , the main source of new for the sector portal will be featuring news about the program on a continuous basis. Recipients will be able to make online applications via these announcements.
  • The program will be announced thoroughly via Exponatura official web page, which has visitors from both Turkey and abroad.
  • The program will be advertised in sectorial magazines in Turkey and abroad.
  • Fax messages with information about the exhibition will be sent to sectorial professional database of Exponatura.
  • Commercial counselors, country desks and commercial counselors of foreign countries will be asked for their support for the program.
  • All related associations and organizations of the sector will be asked to provide announcement support for the program.
  • The program will be announced via social media accounts of Exponatura. It will also be possible to make applications via these announcements.
  • Every exhibitor will be announced.